Book the In-House or Venue Only Packages?

Planning your ideal event by taking simpler steps inside Casa Aguilar .

Choosing Casa Aguilar In-House Packages
for your "home away from home"
will help you choose from exclusive caterers
and customise as you like to find the best combination for your memorable events
such as weddings, debuts, birthdays and much more.


Choose Casa Aguilar as your preferred Venue only
and the rest of the suppliers and caterer will be your matter.

Click one of the icons that fits your need.

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CA INHOUSE BADGES 2020 - debut2.png


CA INHOUSE BADGES 2020 - party2.png

Regular Party

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CA INHOUSE BADGES 2020 - corporate2.png


CA INHOUSE BADGES 2020 - photo2.png

Photo Shoot

Already have a venue

but would love to have us

to be used for photoshoot

for your event? 

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Film Shoot


Commercial? Documentary?

Music Video? TV Series?

This is a perfect location

for your shoot.

Check us out!