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Lovecast is a platform for hosting delightful virtual / hybrid events.

We help couples and celebrants expand their event from one location to anywhere in the world with our high-quality livestream, easy-to-use host app, and interactive features such as live chat, guestbook and virtual rice toss.

The Story

Lovecast was created by a couple who themselves ran into the issue where many of their loved friends and family could not attend their wedding. They found out that this is a problem that every couple runs into and set out to solve it.

Lovecast puts all the event day activities into a single place. And has an emphasis on making the remote guest experience fun and memorable. Best of all? The couple gets an immediate high-quality recording of their event that they can re-watch over and over again. (No need to wait 3 months for your videographer!)

Starting a livestream is as simple as getting the app, pointing the phone and pressing start! For guests viewing, it's even easier. Just one click (no downloads, no sign-ups).

Lovecast Features

HD Streaming

1080p streaming from your mobile phone


Our app is optimised for capturing your vows and other beautiful moments on your special day, unlike Zoom, which is made for office meetings.

Invite Guests

One click is all your guests need to join

02 Invite Guests.png

Simply share your Lovecast link with your guests. No app download or login is needed for them. We send them automatic text / email reminders so they won't miss a beat!

Virtual Event Website

Your interactive livestream website

03 Virtual Wedding Website.png

Get your beautifully designed event website. It is like a virtual venue where all your guests come to celebrate!


Instant live video replay

04 Recordings.png

Your live recordings are instantly available on your website. Perfect for you to relive the memory!

Live Chat

Let guests react to your magical moments

05 Live Chat.png

Guests can mingle with each other and share their excitement in real-time as they watch your big day unfold.


A digital photo guestbook for your virtual guests

06 Guestbook.png

See how friends and family surrounded you with love on your special day.

Virtual Rice Toss

A fun modern twist on a timeless tradition

07 Virtual Rice Toss.gif

Voted as our guests #1 loved feature! Everyone can toss their rice over your live video so they can get to join the festivity (with unlimited rice supply) from their home.


We make it easy for guests to buy gifts for you

08 Registry.png

Add anything you want from any store. As your virtual guests wait for you to go live, they can easily shop your registries or send money.

Welcome Video

Your welcome video auto-plays as the guest joins

09 Welcome Video.png

Use a slideshow of your best memories, or a pre-recorded message that greets the guests upon their arrival.

Virtual Guest Table

Live audio virtual tables for your guests

10 Virtual Guest Table.png

It's the perfect way for guests to catch up with old friends (or meet new ones) while experiencing your amazing event together.

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