A middle room separating the formal areas from the lanai, lawn and dome is where members of the household and frequent guests and callers can relax from the stiff formality of the living-dining rooms. A rustic bar on the far end of the room conveniently serves the area. Arched doorways lead out to the dome and the gardens.

​A dome set at the back of the mansion is where the guests can give free rein to creativity for the events. The structure takes on elegant eminence in its royal blue roof, flower-like drapes and georgian-tuscan white walls. An atrium to the hall introduces into the site of fountain reminiscent of Spanish classicism, Venetian floor, Grecian urns. 

Viewed from the patio and landscaped garden, the architecture of the residence takes on graceful prominence in its distinct royal blue roof and corinthian-white walls. Landscaping has been the object of serious work by a well known artist and even the limited space within which to build a classic garden didn't dampen his spirit but posed quite a challenge to his professional ability . Solution came with the introduction into the site of fountains reminiscent of classic Spain, and Grecian urns as well as flower beds. The area turned out to be a versatile spot which can be converted into a space for evening socials which aren't infrequent to a family whose position and stature in the community come first.

The Signature Weddings. The Stylish Events. The Memorable Celebrations.

We are the historical event and wedding venue in the heart of Las Piñas. Set in a magnificent dome, massive patio and charming Victorian Mansion, where you can give free rein to your creativity when organising your events for 100 - 300 guests. This exceptional location with an access and different parking facilities in the vicinity make this ideal spot for organising a range of events. Choose an outstanding space in Casa Aguilar to welcome your guests for your events.

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