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Connecting Event Suppliers
with Credibility & Opportunities

Our job is to foster real-life connections and it’s one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs in the world. That’s why all of the decisions we make focus on making the greatest impact on people’s lives. That requires getting creative. We invite change because a willingness to welcome the unknown is essential for growth and innovation.

Supplier Accreditation with Casa Aguilar
Supplier Accreditation with Casa Aguilar
Supplier Accreditation with Casa Aguilar

What is CAST Meetup?

Meetup is more than just accreditation. It brings people together in person (and now online!)—starting with the supplier team. Join us in our mission of empowering people to achieve personal growth by making real connections in the events industry.

Making face-to-face connections possible is what we do and we think the world’s a better place for it. Everyone at CAST Meetup shares accountability for stepping up in doing what it takes to achieve our mission. That means knowing when to offer and when to ask for help. To make that collaboration and teamwork possible, we give everyone access to information that allows us to debate, align, and act. Transparency builds trust and that is the foundation to open communication.

About Us

Supplier Accreditation with Casa Aguilar


"CAST Meetup empowers business growth through real human connections because we see a future built on deep trust and collective effort. We are creating an events world where suppliers can turn to each other to improve their lives based on professionalism and cultures. We believe that real, human connection drives real change and avoid discrimination.

Speaking of discrimination, equality matters in CASA AGUILAR the Events Place and at CAST Meetup. Elevating suppliers means we show up for each other and support bringing our whole selves to the conversation. Pride and gossip are not listed in our dictionary. Our actions carry weight, which is why ours are rooted in respect. We value leading with integrity because doing good work is more than just doing a good job; it’s doing the right thing."

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