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Casa Aguilar App

A New Way
of Making Your Space
Truly Memorable

Your Space

Venue Companion at Your Fingertips


Casa Aguilar is launching a new iOS and Android app that brings celebrants, soon-to-wed couples, companies, production houses and film industry together to experience an events place in a new interactive way.

Casa Aguilar app is designed so that people can split their attention between the events place and their smartphones better than they do in the website nowadays. Casa Aguilar app does this by allowing people to create that "Convenience" - short-lived digital opportunities for people to connect - whenever they think something interesting is happening inside Casa Aguilar. People are notified whenever a new announcement or post is created so that they can hop in and out of Casa Aguilar if they want to. With Casa Aguilar app, people can stop scrolling or searching to find what everyone is talking about.

Venue Companion

Providing Great Features


Stand Out & Notification

Prioritise your notifications

and never miss an

important messages

and updates again.

Global Support

Lets you more easily communicate with us

via messages and emails

Talk & Plan

Set an appointment

for an ocular visit or

online consultation.

Great Features
CASA AGUILAR App x Mobile Phones

Learn All About the Advantages that Our Mobile App Has to Offer

Blogs & Vlogs to Read, Watch and Learn

Internet social media is revolutionising the way communication is made between people. The use of bloggers and vloggers play a special role in sharing information, which can ultimately alter the way people think about the authenticity of the events suppliers and events industry.

Focus Group Discussion

It's a great place to gather people's opinion and ideas on a certain topic, promo or service. Generally, it provides more insights, information and convenience inn such a short period of time.


We've Come a Long Way

Innovative Experiences at Casa Aguilar Events Place

If you’re still left wondering what the key is to creating a great experience at an events place, don’t forget that it all starts with the creativity of the planners. Doing some brainstorming is a great place to start to come up with some ideas, do some research and find out the latest trends in the events industry. Another piece of valuable advice is to turn to the best professionals to assist you. If you are thinking of hosting an event in Casa Aguilar, you will find all the tools from the genuine suppliers you need to create unique experiences that will make an impact on your guests. 

Innovative Experiences
Casa Aguilar App
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