The food tasting is the first step to a successful event.

When you taste, you slow down, pay attention, and savour the food in a structured fashion, evaluating the appearance, aroma, flavor, texture, and finish dish.

Then you ask yourself: Did we enjoy this dish? Would we wants to offer this dish to our guest?

If the answer is yes, well congratulations!!! We have a menu for your big day!!!

Choosing the right caterer is one of the essential parts in holding an event. There are times, when arranging an occasion, you won’t really get a good grasp of the services that your chosen caterer will provide during the actual event. You’ll only find out if you made the right decision on the day of the event itself once things are too late to be taken back.

Attending Grand Food Tasting events in Casa Aguilar with the accredited caterers will a get a chance to take a glimpse of our latest menus, experience a sample of our event setup and have your inquiries attended as well. This is your opportunity to find out if one of our accredited caterers is the right caterer for your event. We prioritise serving different events which clients need immediate planning with their future events. Attendance is free with 2 persons per client. Beyond 2 pax per client, there will be additional charges of Php 500/head.). But slots are limited so online registration is required to get admission.

We limit the number of attendees in the grand food tasting to ensure that everyone gets the best possible experience. There are limited seats and a limited number of event planners to assist attendees.

After filling up the registration form, Casa Aguilar will remind you for food tasting date and will confirm reserved seats as well as the best time to arrive.  We advise that you indicate in the registration from a phone number where you can be easily reached so we can easily accomplish the confirmation process. If we have not contacted you 48 hours before the grand food tasting date. please call us at the following numbers , so we can expedite your confirmation. 

The Importance of Food Tastings

It shouldn’t be a toss between whether to attend or not to attend a food tasting. On any events, Not only food consumes the BIGGEST EXPENSE, but also the service to look after the clients and event setup for the client to visualise, so attending a food tasting is an ABSOLUTE MUST.

Food Tasting Policy

  • The food tasting is your opportunity to give us your honest feedback on specific dishes (too salty, not enough sauce, etc.) so we can adjust the dish to your specifications.  It is also your opportunity to decide serve or not to serve something what you are not quite sure your guest may enjoy.

  • Keep in mind that as a catering company we suggest you to have a previous interview with us  before to schedule your tasting, in that way we’ll know your tastes and needs and we can better recommend you a selection that really fit into your expectations.

  • A common question we get is, “Do we have to sign a contract BEFORE the tasting?”  The accredited caterers will allow you to test out your food choices before you sign a contract, but as mentioned, it has a cost for the caterer's part. Therefore, we highly recommend clients who are looking to book actual events.

The Uniqueness of Casa Aguilar's Grand Food Tasting Events

Casa Aguilar is not only offering the food tasting from the accredited caterer, but also offers a hassle-free one-stop shop for the available suppliers during this event.

The Ticket Access of Casa Aguilar's Grand Food Tasting Events

Casa Aguilar offers two kinds of ticket:

1. Food Tasting Experience Ticket

The featured accredited caterer offers limited slots of those willing to book. The client MUST PRE-REGISTER ONLINE at LEAST 24 hours before the food tasting date to reserve the seat.

2. Worry-Free Suppliers Experience Ticket

This access offers you a one-stop shop during the event, which can give you the additions to make your event exciting and memorable. The client CAN PRE-REGISTER OR REGISTER on the date of the event.

Where to pre-register Casa Aguilar's Grand Food Tasting Events

You can pre-register online below. And if you would like to know who are the available suppliers during the event, you can find the list of logos below the "Grand Food Tasting Register Now" box. And click the logo to learn more about the suppliers.


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